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Status indicators and some display formats


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first off, congrats for new HTML5 PC version of dashboard - excellent & thank you!

Now, critics and suggestions:

  • (ENH): in BOTH, mobile and PC version (HTML5 and Flash), I think the status icon for servers (none/yellow/red) should reflect current status, and not status of read notifications. For example, server was reboot to apply updates, notification about shutdown and offline was triggered, then server comes back up....but icon status still showing RED. By my logic, it should show green, because it's now online, not red due to not having time to read notification.
  • (ENH):Under REPORTS, I'd appreciate horizontal 0-100% line display instead of textual percentage only. It would look nicer and be easier to judge uptimes, CPU, memory, and disk utilization.
  • (ENH): File Browser might be enhanced in future, enabling at least to view/edit text files and select/delete multiple files/folders.
  • (BUG): Uptime percentages in HTML5 desktop version show 100% for everything under 7, 30 and 90 days period, which is not correct. I have had over 5 hours outage on at least 2 servers, but this is not shown under uptime report.  
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Additional explanation of my idea about NOTIFICATIONS:

I think, notifications should be more in a LOG fashion, so I could see the history of events. But the STATUS should be not bind to notifications, but rather to current status.

Also NOTIFICATIONS should also just switch between unread/read status, but should not be able to delete (due to my LOG approach mentioned above).

I think such an approach would make Pulseway more usable, with better overview of past events and easier monitoring of current status.

What do you think?

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  • Staff


Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your input. The Pulseway HTML5 Web Application is currently in beta and it's missing some features compared with the mobile apps that will be added in future releases. I've wrote down each suggestion you've kindly posted and they will be taken into consideration by the development team. I will post back here as they get resolved or implemented.


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