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Invalid username and/or password (295)


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I have the software installed on my iPod and it was working fine yesterday. Today when connecting to the PC, I get this error. I have re-newed my password on the desktop and had the password reset and created a new password... still the same error on the iPod, however I can login from my phone with no problems.

The funny this is that I get the notifications on the iPod, but I can't login to see the servers.

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Are you sure you have entered the username/password correctly?

I'm a little bit confused now. Here's my situation... I have setup PC monitor on my PC, now I'm getting the same error there. I installed it on my cell phone and it is working fine. I installed the program on my iPod and that's where it all begin. My question is now... can I use the same password on all three?

FYI: I had a problem getting back to this forum!!!

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