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Service does not start in Windows 10


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I recently upgraded my system from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro and the service for PW ("PC Monitor" to be specific) no longer starts on its own.  I have a backup of starting the service manually if it is not running each time I log in or every morning if system is already logged in.  Another issue with Windows 10 is the UAC for starting services which is another issue all together.


Why is the service no longer able to start on its own.  I can go into the services.msc and start it manually.

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We have seen 2 cases so far where Windows 10 does not start any .NET based services - Pulseway is not the only one not being started in those cases. Please check the event log for the related warnings.

While setting the service to Automatic (Delayed start) will fix the problem, hopefully a future Windows 10 patch will address this issue.

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Hi. Do you have a device which supports "Connected Standby" / "Always-On/Always-Connected" (like, for example, Microsoft Surface Pro 1/2/3/4)?

I have this issue too, but I wrote a scheduled Task, which restarts/starts the Service after every Login/Workstation Unlock.

It helps for me. :-)

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