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Pulseway uses all CPU after installation


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I'm experiencing a problem after installation of the agent on some Windows Server 2008 R2 servers.


After installation and configuration of the agent, when the service starts, it'll begin hogging all available resources on the CPU until the service/process i restarted.

After this, the agent appears to run normally for at time, but then after an couple of hours it'll begin to use all available CPU again.


The agent is configured to monitor processor, RAM and storage (General health), and then we have 2 performance counters for more advanced processor and RAM monitoring


I also installed the same agent, with the same configuration on an Windows Server 2003 R2 with no problems at all. 


Any idea what can be done to prevent this problem?


Thanks in advance




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  • Staff

Hi Daniel,


Thank you for letting us know. Can you please run the following command and restart the Pulseway service?

lodctr /r


Let us know if the problem persists. Can you also send your agent configuration to support [at] pulseway [dot] com (please don't include the credentials)?




Pulseway Support

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Hi Chris


Thank you for your quick response


I've tried running the command succesfully in 2 scenarios:


1: Before installing PulseWay. Issue is still happening as soon as the installation is done and the service starts. Restarting the service fixes the issue - don't if it fixes it long term yet

2: After installing PulseWay - no issues yet, but not sure if it works yet


I've also tried to disable performance counters and using a clean config when installing - same issue


I've sent you the configuration on mail

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