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Internet connectivity issues


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I recently installed Pulseway, and for some reason it has or one of it's setting has corrupted my internet settings. I have Windows 7 x64 ultimate (with a VPN) on all my machines. What is happening is my adapters say I have Internet connection. I can see this activity via Glasswire (great ap also!) I can Torrent as well. However, when it comes to browser traffic it is intermittent at best or not available period. I have been reading through this forum and have discovered that Pulseway uses port 443, which is part of internet traffic, I think my question is.. is there any way to separate this traffic so Pulseway does not keep changing my Internet Options to using a proxy, when I want Automatically detect setting enabled, and basically block browser connectivity. Maybe put Pulseway onto another port or deactivate a setting I do not know about. Also it activates my windows updates and I prefer to install those at my leasure. So if I deactivate it in services, it turns it back on. Other than these problems, this is a great program.

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