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All agents have stopped working


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Hi, all of my agents on every device have stopped with the following error if i click validate account:

"could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS with authority ws1.pulseway.com"


Prior to clicking validate account they all were showing offline, so I'm guessing comms has stopped.


I have read the forum about a hotfix but that seems to apply to Windows server 2003.


I am mostly running 2008r2 or above.


anyone help.  Of course this problem occurs just as I start my week off :-(






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  • Staff

Hi Bernie,


We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with Pulseway.


Please check the following things:


1. Date and time on the machine are accurate

2. You're not using an HTTPS proxy

3. https://ws1.pulseway.com/ opens in the browser without any SSL errors

4. You didn't recently change enabled SSL ciphers




Pulseway Support

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