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VMware host management


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Hi there.  I am new to Pulseway and I am attempting to set up management of my ESXi host.  I have the Pulseway Monitor installed on a Windows 2008 R2 server VM on that host.  I have enabled the VMware server module, entered the IP address of the ESXi host (on the management VLAN) and supplied my credentials for the vSphere login.  The "Test Connection" button gives me the "connected successfully" message.  


However, when I open Pulseway on my iOS device, I only see the Windows server VM and nothing about the ESXi host.  What am I doing wrong?  



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Hi Chris, 

  Thanks for your quick reply.  Right now we are monitoring two VMs with the free version.  If we upgrade to Professional, how many devices are we going to be paying for:


Option A)  Two devices, comprised of our two ESXi hosts (with any VMs hosted on them not counting as separate systems)


Option B )  Four devices, comprised of our two ESXi hosts and one server VM on each of them.


I guess the question boils down to, are we paying for the ESXi hosts and all VMs on those hosts are included, or are we paying for each VM separately?



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You will pay for each agent you will install and use. That being said you can chose to install two agents on two machines to monitor themselves and the two ESXi hosts you have (from which you can monitor all VMs - to manage you will need to have a paid ESXi product key). Ofcourse you can chose to install Pulseway on all machines (including VMs) to have a better monitoring insight for each system.




Pulseway Support

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