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Multiple Pulseway tray icons


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I'm running Pulseway User Agent 4.6 on Win8.1 Pro x64. Right now, I have 5 Pulseway tray icons showing. None are "ghost" icons that remain after an application crash; they are all working properly.


I recently installed/uninstalled Carbonite backup software a couple times, and I think that is when the extra tray icons were added. The Carbonite installer kills Explorer.exe and restarts it to add/remove its shell integration. I believe that Pulseway detected the Explorer crashes, and automatically added a tray icon afterward, even though the existing icon(s) were still there.


On a related note, since the Pulseway icon doesn't do much, and I don't need it at all, I'd like to be able to hide it completely.

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Hi Crank,


Thank you for your report.


You remove the Pulseway User Agent tray icon by opening Pulseway Manager, navigate to the System -> General tab and then deselect the User Support Request from the User Session group.


Multiple tray icons for Pulseway User Agent is a known bug and it will be resolved in the next Pulseway windows agent release.




Pulseway Support

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