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Issues with Pulseway Dashboard and false server down error


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Hi, wondering if anyone else if having this issue. I monitor ~34 servers and for the last 2 days, they have been randomly showing as offline. They are still up and the Pulseway service/software is running. On the Pulseway dashboard it keeps dropping servers off the screen and then they reappear and the complete list is never there now. A number of servers have the blinking "Offline Since xx days ago" but are not going red, some are. Reflects the same on my Android (Droid Maxx) phone. I've had a little bit of this behavior in the past. It is usually just a blip and the servers are back in the list, no notification or anything problematic. Now I'm getting offline notifications and the dashboard looks like the arrivals board at LAX! :P Pic attached, servers missing. Thanks!


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Hi Marius,


That's much for the reply.  That worked like a charm.  I saw that announcement, but the title seemed like a specific error message as opposed to the symptom so I went right past it   Always appreciate the great support and wonderful product.  Have a good one there!





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