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archived notifications


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im not sure whether this is a feature or whether it can be changed. 


we had an elevated notification that occurred yesterday night, which has then been archived by Dashboard this morning before we have got in the office. is there a reason for this archive at the specific time it has done it?


the notification in question has had a more recent success but the dashboard has archived it 9 hours or so after?


attached event from admin console


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Hey there,


What do you mean by archived notification. If my memory helps, Pulseway's Dashboard has no support for archiving notifications, however it can permanently delete them. Also, how do you know it was the Dashboard that deleted the notification?

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i know it shouldnt so im not sure how it is archiving them itself. 


on the dashboard there is no reference to the notifications, but on the enterprise server in notifications, it shows that there are elevated notifications that have been archived by the dashboard as per the image on the first post.


its causing me to miss elevated notifications as they arent showing on the dashboard.


the notification im using as an example was fired up sometime after hours, and by the time i have come into the office in the morning its not there!

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