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Movie and BidBroker in pcmonitor.jar?


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I am using PCM for some time and I am thinking of purchasing more licences. Some days ago I installed debugging app on one of my servers (Linux) and it reported two weird errors in pcmonitor.jar:


1.) NullPointerException in checkflick.data.entities.Movie
Called by putMovie


public String toString() {
return "name: " + this.fullName + ". status: " + this.status.toString();


2.) ArithmeticException in checkflick.bidding.SimpleBidBroker 

Called by SimpleBidBroker


def handlePricing(bid: CustomBiddingRequest) {
val pricePerUnit = bid.getUnitCount / (bid.getPrice * 1)
  • CustomBiddingRequest
println("Price for request: " + bid.getRequest + " is: " + bid.getPrice)
println("Price per unit is " + pricePerUnit)
What do those "Movie" and "Broker" stuff have to do with PCMonitor?
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"Movie" and "Broker" have nothing to do with the PC Monitor API.


Could you please give us some more details about what jar are you using? Are you using some plugins as well?

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  • Staff

Hello , 4 of the 6 errors  represent a communication error.

The other 2 are not related to the core pcmonitor product. Those are either a plugin which runs inside pcmonitor or is a Takipi reporting issue.
Could you please provide the config for pcmonitor ? (Remove sensitive info)
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