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Error accessing Monitored PC settings in PC DashBoard


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First off, I always end up looking for that ultimate admin app in the market. I found it. This setup is awesome! Every option I find that does this is priced for the likes of huge enterprise clients like HP and Google, not a small IT consulting firm. Just ordered the 50 PC subscription and I am loving it. I have a few questions for you.

1. When I open PC dashboard on my pc, it signs in fine. When I open a monitored Pc and select the settings tab, i get the following answer after a few seconds: " Unsupported configuration version, please upgrade the software on this computer."

I am running PC Dashboard v2.4 and PC Monitor 2.5 x64. My PC is a windows 7 64bit and the client PC is Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. This is happening on all the clients I try to access. I was hoping to be able to install the monitor on servers and then configure in a local app on my pc.

2. How do I exit Full screen mode on Dashboard? Tried Alt-enter, there is no r-click, and alt-space shows no options.

3. What is the best way to manage/create groups. I am an IT consultant and I have 40 or so servers at different client's offices. There is not option in dashboard, r-click or drag and drop. The android app on my tablet has no option, nor does the web. I have yet to steal my wife's ipad to check that one. :)

Thanks so much and look forward to features and updates!



Monterey, CA

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Hi Rob,

Thank you, we're glad you find the solution useful.

1. For the dashboard, please uninstall ver. 2.4 and install the latest 2.5 from our web site - it will work.

2. To exit full screen simply press Esc or F11

3. PC Monitor has a setting that allows you to specify the group name for each computer. You can assign a group name when you set up the agent or you can use the dashboard tool (2.5) to edit the group name for each computer.

Best Regards,


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Hi Marius,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I thought I had the most recent. After installing .net and updating, it worked the part! At least not as bad as #2. Esc... Doh! :) Been a long day. Perfect on the groups, thanks for the info. Have a good day there.



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