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maintenance schedule


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hi there


was wondering whether there is a way to change the way that the maintenance schedule works?


basically, its a great idea, and does help, but say we have the maintenance schedule on during the night, but still want to see the notifications during this time at a later time, can this be implemented so that they are stored somewhere?



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Thanks Gary,


We have designed the Maintenance Mode so it will block any notifications allowing IT Admins to perform maintenance tasks without being interrupted by false positive alerts.

As for storing the notifications while a system is in maintenance mode, we do not see any other place for storing them other than the notification tray and this can be confusing.




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I would like something like this as well. Maybe something where the notifications are sent quietly. 


My issue is that a lot of things happen on my servers at night. If something errors out I would like to know but most everything can wait and be addressed in the morning. So a list of notifications in the morning would be great. I just don't want to hear every notification. 

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