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  1. I am trying to configure Pulseway on my Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS machine, but I'm having issues getting it to recognise systemd services. The services I want to monitor are smbd, plexmediaserver and clamav-freshclam. Regardless of what configuration I use, none of these services are even recognised by Pulseway let alone monitored. I have also tried setting each service as "NONE", "UPSTART" and "SYSVINIT" but nothing seems to work. The strange part is that ssh is monitored despite the fact that it's configuration is identical to the others. Here is a screenshot of my configuration: Can someone please help me out here? Is there something I'm missing? EDIT: Never mind. It suddenly started working after I posted this.
  2. Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I am having issues getting Pulseway to detect the plexmediaserver service. I have tried all of the above configurations but none have worked. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
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