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  1. What is the reason to can have only one workflow be active for the trigger Service Stopped? Error Only one workflow can be active for the trigger Service Stopped
  2. hello i want ask how i can stopped the monitoring alerts windows updates , we want notifications without alerts message, is this possible? is possible use a workflow with for windows updates? is very nice for us when we can run a workflow for critical Windows updates and for important Windows updates. The best scenario is a query for - critical Windows updates then do this .. and for important Windows updates this ...
  3. What is necessary if a device, for example a printer, has to be monitored and how can I connect the printer to the Pulseway
  4. First Workflow ( Testing) I want assign the workflow to a machine, what must i do? Policies?
  5. Hello Paul, thanks for the help. Now I'm doing my first workflows (what I'm doing doesn't make sense), but I want to test - map - run it on the virtual machine How can I map the triggers on the virtual machine when I run a workflow? Do I need a tag (scope) or via policy, is there a description in the forum?
  6. the trigger high CPU exists but where can I adjust the percentage approach?
  7. Thank you! how can I configure a CPU notification, are there any examples? the workflow should be simpler as i only have to perform a simple query, but is there an example here? suggestion i check what already exists and try, i will give feedback afterwards
  8. Hello, I need help with triggers. I would like to restart a service from a certain process load of 70%, is that possible? Regards Luca
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