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  1. Hi both, Thanks for getting back so soon. I have literally just found the issue - I was logging in with my email address (which was set by my password manager that logs me in to the web portal) didn't remember I had a username as well - found it in my notes and it has worked now, sorry guys, bit of a duuur moment. Another question I have had for a while, I can't seem to get round. I have the free 2 system account. I don't need any more systems but would like to increase the daily notification limit and potentially add remote access functionality to the 2 systems. I can't seem to find a way to do this as when I go to the "Buy" page on the portal I only have the option to add more systems? When I look on your website at pricing I see the "Starter" plan but I cant seem to see how to get to that plan especially as I only need 2 systems? What are my options to increase the notification limit and add remote control to the 2 system I have registered. Many thanks
  2. Title says it all - new install on the first Authentication panel when entering account details. I am using my main pulseway account login detail as I did with the first system I registered which is working fine. This is a second system I am adding. Can someone advise it I am doing something wrong please as I keep getting: "An error occurred while validating the account - Invalid username and/or password (202)"
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