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  1. Thanks on this. Just drop an E-Mail to office@nestec.at and request the plugin. The Plugin for PULSEWAY RMM will be yours at a RSP per year of € 29,- / US$ 35,- and including 12 Monate Updates. After the first year you are able to renew to getting current version for additional years. Payments accepted by paypal only to keep procedure fast and simple. You ll get commercial invoice. The only licensing condition is to use it in YOUR instance of Pulseway only. Install it 1,5 or even 20 times on the machines you r monitoring - in YOUR Pulseway RMM. If you have separate instances of Pulseway for your Clients - take an additional license for them.
  2. Just launched a Plugin to integrate well known and common used ALTARO VMBACKUP into Pulseway. In the current version 0.3.0 we support latest Backup State and Access to the history log of every VM thats backes up at least once; Future plans including trigger a backup job and more. Short Video: https://youtu.be/ZvUta6wND0o (german titles)
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