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    Ahmet Eroglu reacted to AndrewT in Exclude tag from scope   
    Currently a scope can be created with matching "any" or "all" tags. It would be great if we had a "none" or "exclude" option, in which the listed tags would be excluded.
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    Ahmet Eroglu reacted to Chris in Interactive Reports   
    Hi @Louwrens,
    Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, this is a good idea and we are looking into the possibility to introduce the option for users to build their own reports into future.
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    Ahmet Eroglu reacted to Louwrens in Interactive Reports   
    I know this would be a major change in the reporting interface, but how about an option to interact with the results of a report.
    Maybe one can choose  an additional "Report Format" when editing a report and have an option for Interactive?
    When this is enabled the output of the report is immediately displayed in web format with hyperlinks to automate certain tasks by sending a back-end task/script to the agent.
    For example:
    Report                                          Interaction Script Task (Relayed to the agent)
    Applications                               link next to each agent to uninstall the application
    Assets                                        link to create asset tag if none exist
    OS Patching                               link to assign Policy / Update now
    3rd Party Patching                    link next to each agent to update the application
    Drive Usage                               link to run a temp files cleanup job
    Anti-virus                                    install AV / Run Scan / Update (not sure how this ties in to the existing Kaspersky deployment)
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