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  1. I did the wrong password, and now it says successful on everything. But, I still can't see anything on the app. I did get a notification saying error encountered getting the notification. It was listed as critical.
  2. I then tried to run as root, and a different result. It says, "Segmentation fault."
  3. It says whenever I finish processing the request "An error encountered while processing the request."
  4. Can you send me a link to the registration tool?
  5. Hi, I understand if I don't get reply, this is because the thread is really old. I am having issues with a Raspberry Pi running the latest version of Pulseway. I have gotten everything installed correctly via Terminal, but the PC is NOT showing up on my app or the Web App. Is there something wrong with the .xml file for the config stuff. I have looked at the above stuff, if there is a reply, I will send the config info in a image file. Everything that I have done has not resolved the issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Zach
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