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  1. adding on that we could use this on both sides of the connection. Majority of our Techs use MacBookPro's for work and we have a couple of clients that are all Mac that this would make things easier.
  2. somehow I completely overlooked this. Guess I got tunnel vision on the outlook button. Thanks for the assist.
  3. I've installed the connector but when I check my add-ins, the Pulseway PSA Outlook Extension is inactive with the load behavior of: Not Loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in. I've tried checking the box to enable it. I've tried restarting Outlook. I've tried restarting the PC. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the plugin. Where should I go from here?
  4. I'm in the process of cleaning up some of the duplicates that came from the 6.0 upgrade. One of the scopes that we are having trouble with is the All Systems for <username> from <username> account. we've removed all reports and tasks in the system that were using the scope, but we still get an error message when attempting to delete the scope that its still being used by a report. How can we go about removing these?
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