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  1. techline

    Kaspersky Startup Failed Error Box

    I had the same issue, which I submitted in via email to support@pulseway and never got this answer. I just stumbled upon this post and went to delete the logs in my C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Labs folder and discovered over 1.2GB worth of these logs. (1200+ .txt files) This is probably worth you guys looking into if its occupying that type of space on client machines. Maybe a script to schedule for every few days to clear the directory out?
  2. techline

    Start scripts on monitored systems via API

    We would be interested in knowing the same. Also being able to start tasks automatically when a device is first added to a group would be very beneficial.
  3. techline

    Freshbooks Integration for Pulseway PSA

    +1 This would be huge for me.