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  1. Hi, thank you for POTS, I'm very impressed. I have a couple of problems, and wonder if you could give me some advice? I am running a Powershell script to add a new user to Active Directory. Here is the config.xml for the script: <?xml version="1.0"?> <!-- Example Xml --> <main> <group title="Emmanuel School Scripts" enabled="True" maxResults="500"> <page title="User Admin" pageId="1" subtitle="User Administration Scripts" enabled="True"> <subpage title="New User script" pageId="3" subtitle="Add a new user" enabled="True"> <command title="NewUser" commandId="3" path="c:\scripts\newuser.ps1" arguments="" > <commandInput name="name1" inputType="TextInputItem" title="First Name" subtitle="Please enter First Name" /> <commandInput name="name2" inputType="TextInputItem" title="Second Name" subtitle="Please enter Second Name" /> <commandInput name="group" inputType="PickListInputItem" title="Student or Teacher" subtitle="Select Student or Teacher Account" > <pickItem title="Student" /> <pickItem title="Teacher" /> </commandInput> </command> </subpage> </page> </group> </main> My problems are: 1. The script runs fine when run from a local logged-on session. It also runs fine in POTS, but in POTS it appears to get executed twice. I know this because the script has some code to test if the user has already been defined. So because the script is getting executed twice, the user gets defined the first time round, but I get an error message the second time around. 2. The "commandinput" data entry works fine from my Android phone, but when I run POTS(and Pulseway) in a Browser I cannot select the commandinput buttons to eneter the data. I have tried with IE and Firefox, with the same result. Can you give any advice please? KInd regards and thanks Alan Reeves
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