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  1. Hey all, i have installed the dashboard app on our admin console, but it looks horrible compared to the one in the Windows Store!! unfortunatly, that one doesnt allow one to start a remote desktop session! please fix this.. I would rather not sell my clients an ugly dashboard
  2. Well unfortunatly the company has decided to drop the whole monitoring project luckil im still having my own business so i do get to play with Pulseway ;-) the reason for not going on with Pulseway are, besides political (in my view) the fact that it doesnt have software inventory, i was told that with what we use (PRTG, teamviewer, hostmonitor) allready they saw no reason to switch other then the possible use of pulseway when it had software inventory
  3. On another note.. Perhaps a feature that aids in software installation, like "IF a Adobe Reader == Installed THEN nothing ELSE install Adobe Reader" you know? Like, its currently possible to use powershell for that, but then i have to manually run it on all nodes? Would be much prettier if i can push it directly from pulseway dashboard to multiple clients much like GPO, except it would work even when the client is not connected to the domain (we have many users who only enter the office once every 6 months, and now we are forced to manually login using teamviewer to install software) hmmm.. I will see what else idea's i can come up with, im sure once i convinced my collegue's of the value, i will have time to test and come up with a multitude of idea's that could extend Pulseway by means of a plugin or so edit one: like said above we are beginning with JIRA soon, perhaps the "request support" feature in Pulseway could be used to allow tickets to be created automaticly? Like user uses the request support, but instead of a notification, i could opt for it to be send as a mail message to say tickets@mysomain.com which the Servicedesk software automaticly reads to create tickets in the system?
  4. Ahh this is a dream come true and makes my case to the business a whole lot stronger what i would like to see in a new dashboard app? Well i wouldnt want a new dashboard app perse! I currently run the Windows 10 metro app, and the only "real" provlem is that i can't initiate a remote desktop session from it.. On another note, we plan to use Pulseway to monitor client laptops, our server infrastructure, and our network structure, it would be nice to have seperate dashboards for those, so say i run the dashboard on PC one and select "show SNMP dashboard" to show the network infrastructure, then i run a dashboard on PC two where i can select "show server dashboard" etc.. I suppose this is possible allready through the filtering option but im not sure? I like the simplicity of the metro app, its a great, clean way of showing issues without getting too much distraction. Make it "themeable" so i can select our company's color and i could awe our CIO off her feet also, while this may not perse be in the field of pulseway as a monitoring tool, it would be handy to use it in combination with asset management.. Pulseway allready knows all about the inventory, if we could somehow store this info for further use, this would be wonderful! I get that pulseway is about monitoring, and personally i think it does this far better then PRTG or Kaseya, which we also looked into, and it has so many bonus when it comes to mobility! But to our management, they simply want stats and reports! They dont care how i monitor, or what i do it with.. As long as they get easy to understand piecharts at the end of our quarterly meetings. All they care about is cost management and SLA Compliance, if you catch what i mean maybe you should hire me and i help you form a complete IT product inclusive asset/compliance management etc etc but seriously, with Pulseway allready knowing everything about the network and the nodes, this would be the perfect tool for such things. Hook it up to Jira servicedesk module and BAM! Nobody would have an excuse NOT to go for Pulseway
  5. We're a large multinational considering buying pulseway for our network management. what im missing though is reporting.. I suppose it does basic reports, but the reports currently spit out by pulseway are not good enough to show to our direction also, it would be nice to incorporate some form of asset management, Pulseay would be the ideal tool foor this, currently we use managedengine but its been decided we're switching to JIRA, so we need to look into other options for that. Bringing me to the point of JIRA integration! Pulseway integrates to Zendesk? Would it be possible to do the same for JIRA? also, the dashboard app on Windows 10 doesnt allow for remote desktop integration? The app with the ticker on the bottom does, but it looks much worse them the Pulseway app on Windows 10, which could use some modification options like background color, and preferably also the PULSEWAY text on the left top, would be nice if it could show the company name or whatever the user wants. So far im very pleased with Pulseway, i'm having to convince ,y collegue to see the same things i see as well
  6. Okay thanks Will it be possible in the future to show piecharts or graphs or anything We have two large screens and a few hundred pc's and servers, they will not all fit so a piechart would be a nice solution for us
  7. Ahh yes :-) I have installed it now, it is missing some pie charts though Also, can i change the colours of the app to fall in line with our branding?
  8. We are currently discussing rolling out a monitoring/management system on our network, so far the runner is N-Able and Pulseway. I like Pulseway for its easy and clean interface, but it lacks some functions that N-Able has, and we need! We plan to use it inside a NOC, to monitor the netwerk realtime, is this possible with Pulseway? I have a trial setup through one of the distribitors, but i'm still not really convinced. Which is a shame since the product itself looks wonderful The idea is to build a dashboard that can show piechards or whatever that we can monitor, that refresh automaticly i know Pulseway can send out notifications, but it would be a help to "see" things more clrealy, see how well the network is doing etc etc. next to that our management loves graph's of everything, so we can present them nicely formatted graphs during our budget meetings etc i hope i gave a clear idea of what we're trying to build, i understood that reporting and software management where on their way
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