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  1. I do not want to annoy yes. Now have passed over 48 hours, but the WSUS extension can still be downloaded from version 4.8.5. This is a shame, because we just rely on the WSUS function. I suspect an error. The download address will be wrong for enterprise customers? Have other enterprise customers the same problem?
  2. Hi Marius, unfortunately still not working WSUS module. It occurs the same error message.
  3. I agree. I use a Enterprise Server. I'm curious how the WSUS module works.
  4. Since version 4.8.5 WSUS to function (?) In Pulseway Manger I find the WSUS function. If I want to check this, is the message: WSUS needs to download additional components. Would you like to download them now? YES or NO I Select Yes from the following error message appears: Module WSUS cannot be downloaded right now. The error was: Cannot find the latest version for WSUS server module.
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