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  1. This thread is almost six and a half years old. Are you guys technically unable to implement file transfer or do you just not understand why people would want it so it's not a priority? Suggestions like viewing files remotely or sending an email to myself on someone else's remote machine are not serious answers to the problem of file transfer. It seems insane that the easiest way for me to transfer files to/from a Pulseway-managed machine is by using TeamViewer. I just don't get it.
  2. So modifying the MSI directly was the way to go. Just a tip for the next guy who is not a Windows programmer type - when you edit the MSI file in Orca, go to Tools -> Options -> Database and check the box that says "Copy embedded streams during Save As" before you save your new MSI.
  3. The mst thing works as described in that post but I can't quite sort out how to modify the msi and just have one file. I'm a network guy not a Windows admin, so this is relatively new territory for me. That part aside, even after applying the transform using the supplied instructions to insert the username and pass during install, I still need to rely on the user to click "Validate Account" afterwards. And it puts the interface front and center before the user. I guess my point is that I would pay money for an installer that runs, validates itself, and just shows the user a "Finish" button to close the thing.
  4. Hey guys, Almost at the end of my trial period and liking almost everything I see so far, with two nitpicks. One is the lack of file transfer, but I'm told that's "on the roadmap." The other is "unattended installation." To me "unattended" means someone just has to run an executable and it works. For example, I'm coming from Meraki Systems Manager. They produce an installer that is account specific, so I just need the person at the remote machine to download and run that file, hit next next next, and then the agent checks in with home base. The user doesn't need to know anything about anything. Most of my user base is spread very far apart, with one or maybe two machines per customer, and these non-technical people need to be able to easily install this thing at least to the point that I can get in. How do you folks with similar issues handle that? th
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