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  1. Yes it does. It shows me how long it's been offline and how long it's been running. Sorry for the delayed responsed, didn't have it set to notify me. Edit: To correct my wording in the 1st post, it doesn't notify me of it being shut down either. I only receive a notification if I press "Test Notifications"
  2. Hello, I've been using Pulseway (PC Monitor) for years and love the app. I just went from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and I find Pulseway is not allowing me to remote start. Also, after a startup, it doesn't notify me that it's up and running. If I go into my app on my phone, it shows it's up and running. If I send a test notification from the PC, it notifies my phone. I have the power setting set for Turn on fast startup is OFF. I also tried the delayed start and that caused it to not start the service at all. Everything worked perfectly in Windows 7. I also ran the compatibility auto checker and it set it for Windows 8. The app allows me to shut down the PC with no problems as well. I'm stumped. Any help is greatly appreciated on this!
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