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  1. Since my client agent version update to 4.8.4 I have not been able to view Windows Updates in different apps. I have Android and Windows for the monitoring and I've even tried the web application. I have mixed environments with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and the issue exists for them all. It may not be version 4.8.4 that is the issue. Could be a Windows Update that caused the issue. I keep most of my systems completely up to date including all optional updates. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Quite alright. I understand things don't always go as desired. I am just impressed you are responding to your users. I am excited for this feature but am a patient person. Let us know if there are any progressions. -Sam
  3. Outstanding! I can't wait to see this in action. Keep up the great work!
  4. I am grateful for ESET improving the ERA but I was most disappointed when I learned v6 was not yet accessible to Pulseway. I know it hasn't been long since the last post here but I was wondering if there are any progressions for this feature. I am very anxious to get this monitoring view along with everything else. I appreciate any news you may have. Sincerely, Sam
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