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  1. Good Day, We're getting a strange negative CPU readout on 2 of our Linux Machines. This is happening on the mobile application as well. Is their anything we can do to resolve this? Thank you
  2. Hi Chris Thank you for the information. It would seem the older Cert we were using was compatible with .Net 4 but the new certs being issued support .Net 4.5 and above TLS 1.1/1.2 and above. As this is production machine ill have to schedule a .net upgrade which should resolve the issue. Will revert back with the outcome to help others experiencing this issue.
  3. Hi Chris I've checked and they're all there. Its strange how its only affecting this one server Thank you for the help
  4. Hi There We updated our Thawte certificate and applied the update to our dedicated pulseway server. We have a 2008 server that goes offline when applying the new cert, when we switch back to the old cert the server comes back online. We have an environment with over 70 Servers and this Windows 2008 enterprise server is the only one that gives us the following error when validating its credentials. Please advise what steps to follow? We have checked time and date settings, ensured machine is up to date. All the best, Thomas
  5. Hi Guys Thank you for an awesome product, been using it since the PC monitor days. I wanted to know if it's at all possible to add a Network usage percentage that is viewable on the Pulseway Dashboard. I've attached an image, excuse the paint skills. Thank you
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