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  1. Hi, yes, of Course. Really cool plugin - but nothing corepared to a real powershell remote session with autocomplete and so on. I hope it will be added... We need it so bad.
  2. Hi there, do you consider to improve the powershell feature? The Problem here is, that you can only start commands, which don't need any answer. If an answer is required, the command is not beeing executed - regardless you will give the answer within the next command. It is no real "bi-directional' powershell session like "enter-pssession -computername xxx', which is needed for our daily work. So we have to use vpn instead or rdp - both are not the fastest way to execute commands. In kaseya vsa we have this feature working as needed. I think the Pulseway Agent could handle it - when I have a look to remote desktop feature, which is nearly real time.
  3. Hi there, yep. Great work. Thanks for this great functionality. I miss the schedule button and furthermore I miss a "global catalog" of scripts and tasks, so that I only have to follow up one account for corrections or new scripts. THAT would be very nice! :-)
  4. Hi Jaapyse, from my experience the upload of the customers system is the critical component. From my measurements 2 MBit/s upload should give a acceptable Performance. Do you have a self hosted Enterprise Server or are you using the hosted package? If you host it yourself, you should NAT the port 443 directly form external wan to internal LAN destination. You should not use any reverse proxy. Maybe you could use a vpn to your customers infrastructure? Or, if rdp only is needed, you can use a Windows remote desktop gateway server. It uses https for rdp instead of direct port 3389 usage.
  5. Hi. Do you have a device which supports "Connected Standby" / "Always-On/Always-Connected" (like, for example, Microsoft Surface Pro 1/2/3/4)? I have this issue too, but I wrote a scheduled Task, which restarts/starts the Service after every Login/Workstation Unlock. It helps for me. :-)
  6. Hi Cptrico. Thanks for your cool plugin. It seems, that I have a Special Problem. I try to run a script, which trys to add a snapin via Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010 command. When I open a powershell on a gui at the Server, the script does what it intended to do. When I try to do the same within POTS I receive a message "Get-Mailbox ..." is no part of a cmdlet, a function .... When I try to add the same snapin within a 32 bit powershell, the command to add the snapin says, that this snapin isn't registered. It seems to be that your plugin runs the 32 bit powershell, right? This snapin is only available within 64 bit powershell. My System: Windows Server 2008 R2, newest updates installed (incl. WinRM 4 for Powershell 4) Pulseway 4.7.6 Agent. Impersination within your plugin is activated to our Domain account. The script loads the following things at the beginning: Import-Module ActiveDirectory Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010 What I am trying to do, is to generate statistics from Exchange 2010 Mailboxes. As I said: The script itself works. Any advise?
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