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  1. Please make a lite version of your desktop app.. I use this to monitor a few home computers from my iPhone, but you can only monitor from those devices.. Even if it had to be self hosted or something, you guys have a pretty good idea but it feels like your going down the log me in route, at the moment I am looking at the alternatives but don't really want to switch.. 60 Euro a year for what I want it for don't seem like its worth it I guess, pretty sure you'd see a surge of users if you had at least basic control from PCs as well as mobile devices..
  2. I agree, its a shame really, good software but very limited use for free users. I use it to monitor my media server mainly, but I can only do so from my iPhone, there isn't a stable way to do anything from a desktop and when looking into subscription options I was scared away by commercial pricing structures.
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