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  1. Resolved. Removed service in Registry.
  2. After being unable to open the Management Agent looked like the installation was corrupt, I uninstalled the agent and then tried to re-install it. It fails with error 1001: the specified service already exists. Installation Incomplete. Is there a way round this issue? Regards Paul.
  3. All has righted itself now. The only change made was to change the values of msExchESEParamCacheSizeMin and msExchESEParamCacheSizeMax, now Pulseway is reporting the correct values. Paul.
  4. Attached. Pulseway Exchange Memory Shell.pdf
  5. Chris, Please see attached for screenshots. Performance counters look ok. Pulseway Exchange Memory.pdf
  6. Processes on SBS 2011 reporting wrong memory usage for Microsoft Exchange Store. Actual value in Task Manager - 380,412K, Value in Pulseway Processes - 9770MB. Agent Version 4.8.5
  7. Thanks for that. I should have known! Paul.
  8. If you start the Dashboard in full screen, how do you get to the settings to remove this setting or even minimise the screen? Thanks in advance Paul.
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