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    Beta remote desktop

    Follow up - pulseway have had a remote desktop session.. and the error could not be solved at the moment. we will see in a update in the near future. thanks for good support.
  2. affer

    Beta remote desktop

    Hi Pulseway. testing the Remote desktop Beta on our dedicated server setup, not once i have suceeded in creating the connection, i can see the logged in user, but when i try to start the remote desktop, i always get an error 1568. My server is running on alternate port 8080 instead of 443. Thanks, Have a nice day.
  3. Is there a settings where all pulseway users get access to all newly added computers with pulseway installation, so we dont need to give access to a new computer to a pulseway user on each install. thanks.
  4. Thanks for the fast help by teamviewer, your service is much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hello Pulseway forum. I have made an dedicated server installation, an it is up and running. Ive installed on port 8080, i know that is not standard, but 443 was in use. i have altered the settings in IIS to port 8080, and my phone clients is connecting fine to this port. Trying to get my browser to login on this port, i get an error (HTTP Request Error Status Code: 0) when i have to enter user and pass, it is working locally, but not externally. (if i enter wrongg user or pass, it says it is wrong) have i missed any settings? thanks //Rasmus
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