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  1. Marius, I've emailed in exact repro details to support.
  2. I too have experienced this (or a similar) issue, but with SAN type of certificates. Given a SAN certificate with the following hostnames (in this order): *.domain1.com *.domain2.com And an certificate monitor setup for foo.domain2.com - I indeed see the number of days until expiry, but a result that says something like "certificate cannot be verified". If I change the monitor to check for something like foo.domain1.com (the first domain on the cert) - everything goes green and works as expected. I'm guessing that it only works properly when verifying the first hostname on the certificate or s
  3. It would be great if the capability to run and view results of remote network diagnostics from a host computer was added. Thing such as: - Ping - Traceroute - SpeedTest (via Ookla)
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