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  1. Greetings I was encouraged to make a post here about a little addon I wrote for use with Plex Media Server. It was done mostly out of curiosity (my first actual C# code) and because a friend of mine thought it would be a nice thing to be able to see who's streaming from PMS on the Pulseway app. It was originally meant to show cache and transcode storage sizes but it's not easy to retrieve those numbers quickly, and it tested hard on older servers resources without some kind of caching (even through MSR COM), but that can quickly outdate results. So now it's just for seeing who's streaming, which was quick and easy to do thanks to good API's on both sides. Version 0.5 Download Page Updated 9.11.2014 (copied from my blog): Install by copying the DLL into your Pulseway installation folder (doesn't really matter where, but it will be read/write locked during use). Then just add it as a plugin. Update an existing plugin by simply stopping the PC Monitor service from task manager (Windows 8) or services.msc and overwrite the file. Then just restart the service. Technical details If you receive the message Plex API timeout! it means localhost:32400/status/sessions/ was unavailable for XML or returning 403 Forbidden. That most likely means your Plex Media Server is either offline or not connected to your account (server settings), which of unknown reasons also makes the sessions unavailable. But if it's up and running and connected (and local authentication remains disabled), it should work! Thanks. Attached screenshots from my Nexus phone running the app.
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