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  1. I created a local "Test" user, run the powershell script while logged in from that user, and it run fine. I tried to run it from POTS while impersonating "Test" and it didn't run. I didn't have to use the impersonation option before though, and I don't know if I am doing everything correctly. How exactly is POTS calling the powershell script? Given that the script responds with "no monitor found with that name", what exactly is missing and the script can't complete completely?
  2. Yes, it does when running it in powershell! I thought that it had something to do with user permissions, but I don't know what I should fill in the user and password fields. I am using an outlook online account as my Windows User account. This account also has 2-step verification enabled. I tried some setups (using/emitting @outlook.com, trying my main password) but it doesn't seem to work. Should I create an app-specific password?
  3. Hello Cptrico, I am using your plugin for a while now, and it is very useful! I am trying to compare it with display changer . I have successfully created the .ps1's that are required, but when I try to run the command from my Pulseway Android app, the app reports "there is no monitor with that name.". I think that is happening because of the variables "\\.\DISPLAY1". Can you help me solve this? What should I do? This is an example .ps1: & "I:\12noon Display Changer\dc64cmd.exe" -monitor="\\.\DISPLAY1" -width=1366 -height=768 & "I:\12noon Display Changer\dc64cmd.exe" -monitor="\\.\DISPLAY2" -detach
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