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  1. There were no core files written, but anyway the agent is now running since 6 days. I haven't change anything on my servers...
  2. Unfortunately, it was only running for two hours... Oct 8 01:36:53 pulseway: curl_easy_perform() failed: Couldn't resolve host name Oct 8 01:36:53 pulseway: *** glibc detected *** /usr/sbin/pulsewayd: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x00007f38d97fa740 *** Oct 8 01:36:53 pulseway: Got shutdown signal: 6
  3. Any new about monitoring of mysql ?
  4. The message was: pulseway: Configuration: No or empty 'Server' attribute found for 'Certificate' node 1 After I have installed the actual agent from scratch, I compared the new config.xml with the used one. In the latest version, the parameter is called "Server", in the previous version, it was "ServerName". After I have renamed the parameter in config.xml, the agent is running again...
  5. There is an simple test -x command in the startscript, therefore you need an chmod 744 on config.xml.
  6. I have a similar issue with my CentOS6 hosts, since yesterday. Daemon stops immediately after start , without any message... root@zabbix:~ #/etc/init.d/pulseway status pulsewayd wurde beendet root@zabbix:~ #/etc/init.d/pulseway start Starting pulseway daemon: [ OK ] root@zabbix:~ #/etc/init.d/pulseway status pulsewayd wurde beendet root@zabbix:~ #
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