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  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply. Any timeline on this ? Might save me the effort of looking at alternatives in the interim because realistically, the current limitation is a big issue for us. Regards, Kelvin
  2. Hi Paul, Any chance of a Linux version of this excellent plugin ? I'm working with more and more Linux based systems now and find the Linux agent lacking when compared to the Windows version. There are a number of ways we could create custom notifications on Windows but cannot find any way to do it on Linux systems. Thanks. Kelvin
  3. Hi, The Linux Agent appears to be missing some of the capabilities of its Windows version. I am looking for some way to raise alerts based on specific log entries or monitor file changes, etc. If the capability exists, can someone let me know how to set this up ? I can't find anything like this in the config file. Alternatively, is the a plugin or some command line program that will allow an external program or script to raise alerts ? For example, let's imagine there is a command line program called pwalerts. Our script could call it to raise alerts like :- #pwalerts 0 "RAID Event detected" 1 Where : pwalerts = the name of the alert injection program 0 = Alert level - 0 for Critical, 1 for Elevated, etc. The text string is the alert Title 1 = Allow repeating alerts Thanks. CK
  4. Hi, I hope to see a Linux version of the Dashboard. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Apologies if this is covered elsewhere. Can the next update to Dashboard please modify the Data --> All Notifications screen to have :- a) allow multi select of the list items allow shortcut keys to the buttons like most Windows dialogs (eg. Alt-A for Delete All Notifications, Alt-V for View Selected Notification, Alt-S for Delete Selected Notification, etc) Thanks.
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