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  1. Contacted support as suggested, and Marius resolved the issue via Teamviewer. Issue was that the license file was not held locally on the server, but on a fileshare. Once copied to local server, the issue disappeared. Thank you for your assistance Marius. Regards, Andrew
  2. I have recently installed Pulseway, and it has been working fine for the last week or so. However, last night the server installed a host of Microsoft patches, and rebooted. Now I get the error above emailed to me four times a minute, with the following content: System.Exception: File not found at MM.Monitor.WebService.DbFactory.() at MM.Monitor.WebService.DbFactory() I have had to shut down the server in order to stop my mail box filling up, and was wondering where I need to be looking in order to resolve this error. Regards, Andy
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