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  1. Hi. When reciving notification on high cpu or memory usage, it would be very nice if the notification could include a top-10 list of cpu or memory consuming processes. If it only peaks for a while you have no idea of what had trigged the alert afterwards. Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved Abakion A/S
  2. Hi.. I would like a generic WMI module - just like Performance Counters. It would be nice. Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved Abakion A/S
  3. Hi, When selecting services for management or notifications I would really like a column the the current status. And I buttons like "Select all services sat to automatic" and "Select all services currently running". When I set it up at normally as default select all running serinves for management, and the subset of them that is set to "Automatic" for notification. Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved Abakion A/S
  4. Hi. I don't find the SQL Server module under notifications. Does that mean that SQL is not monitored - but only managed. It would be nice to get notifications from SQL Server. eg: - When SQL Agent jobs fails. - When deadlocks occurs. - When fillrate in data and log files reaches XX %, and autogrowth is disabled. - When autogrowth is enabled, but the free diskspace allows less than XX file expansions - When a specified SQL-statement returns more than 0 rows or a specific value Best Regards Martin Stevnhoved Abakion A/S
  5. Hi, I am new to PC Monitor, but it look to me that it is only possible to add management of one SQL Server instance pr. computer. Is that right? And if so ... is support for multiple instances on the list of upcoming futures? It would be very nice, because we have several servers with multiple SQL instances. Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved Abakion A/S.
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