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  1. My Linux skills are rusty, but I have two questions. How did you determine this was your error? I installed Pulseway on a new Raspberry Pi with Debian Stretch. Pulseway will not start. SystemCtrl Status says Pulseway exited, but when I look at the config.xml file, the password has not yet been encrypted. I have another raspberry pi that was upgraded from Jessie, and that is running fine with Pulseway. I was able to confirm that openssl 1.1 is installed via the openssl version command, but how does one get the old version installed? I couldn't find an older version to download. I think it's because there was a security flaw. Will Pulseway be updating their agent so that it works with 1.1?
  2. Hi, would this information be helpful? https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/office/office365/api/files-rest-operations
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