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    Hi Marius, I had seen those lists, but I meant a full list of features starting with free then additional features for paid plans. If those lists are complete for the additional features for paid plans, then I just need a list of features of the free plan I guess.
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    Hi, Do you have a banner? Send it me, ill post on my site. I only get 20-30 a day visitors but that is mainly from sites like superuser etc.So kinda your demographic I guess. I also been thinking of doing a write-up/review because of how impressed I am with both the product and the support. I could do with a full list of features, and which features are available for each edition i.e. free, subscription, Enterprise.
  3. I have sent email, and also added that a windows client is showing correct memory usage in the windows dashboard. I note that the android dashboard is showing correctly for all devices. It seems only the windows dashboard is being choosy about the correct display.
  4. Well, I am impressed! Not only did support contact me within minutes, they then sent some new files to test shortly after and it just plain works. The product is very impressive but the support is quite simply outstanding. Excellent all round. A BIG thumbs up from me. Best Regards David
  5. Hi, I notice the windows dashboard client is showing 0% memory for my ubuntu 12.04 dev server but the android dashboard app shows correctly. dashboard ver 4.1.2 (build 5087) in windows 8.1 64 bit
  6. Hi Mark, Great news. Many thanks for the heads up. Just let me know if you want anything from my VPS if it helps. Regards David
  7. ooops, looks like might be a dupe of this thread http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/1029-dead-but-subsys-locked/ as I don't have abrt installed but I am getting a similar error. [root@vps1 ~]# uname -a Linux vps1.xxxxx.com 2.6.32-431. #1 SMP Fri Dec 13 13:06:13 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux I got no core files as I can see. there are only 2 files in /var/pcmonitor , pcmonitor.id and pcmonitor.ver2. /etc/pcmonitor/pcmonitor.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <config xmlns="http://www.pulseway.com/linuxconfig"> <Account Username="xxxxxxxx" Password="xxxxxxxxxx" UseCustomServer="false" CustomServerAddress="" /> <ComputerInformation Name="vps1.xxxxxx.com" Group="Default" /> <AllowedCommands> <Restart Allowed="true" /> <ShutDown Allowed="false" /> <PowerOff Allowed="false" /> <Suspend Allowed="false" /> <Hibernate Allowed="false" /> </AllowedCommands> <Notifications> <WhenOffline Enabled="true" /> <OnOnline Enabled="true" /> <OnShutdown Enabled="true" /> <MemoryLow Percentage="10" Enabled="false" /> <HighCpuUsage Percentage="90" Minutes="5" Enabled="true" /> <LowCpuUsage Percentage="10" Minutes="1" Enabled="false" /> <PortClosed Minutes="1" Enabled="false" /> <LowHDDSpace Enabled="true"> <Hdd Percentage="20" Path="/" Enabled="true" /> </LowHDDSpace> <IpChange Enabled="false" /> <PingResponses Enabled="false"> <PingResponse PriorityOnSlowResponse="1" PriorityOnNoResponse="0" Minutes="5" Miliseconds="50" Alias="Printer" Address="" Position="1" /> </PingResponses> </Notifications> <Network> <Ping Server="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" Enabled="true" /> <MonitoredPorts> <Port Type="TCP" Number="80" Name="80" Address="www.google.com" /> </MonitoredPorts> <NetworkInterfaces> <Interface Name="eth0" /> </NetworkInterfaces> <WoWAN Port="9" Enabled="false" /> </Network> <MaintenanceMode>true</MaintenanceMode> </config>
  8. Hi, installed x86_64 pcmonitor service on Centos 6.5 (Xen VPS) but on trying to start the service I am getting [root@vps1 ~]# tail /var/log/messages Dec 31 08:41:15 vps1 pcmonitor: Got exception signal: 11 Dec 31 08:41:15 vps1 kernel: pcmonitord[1224]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f9b089ce312 sp 00007f9b074e0f38 error 4 in libc-2.12.so[7f9b0889a000+18b000] from /var/log/messages. The service appears to start as it says 'ok' on command line but restart shows 'failed' to stop so is not running. [root@vps1 ~]# uname -m x86_64 My config file looks ok I think, I can post it up if you need (obviously xxxx 'ing out the 'sensitive' details) Am I missing some dependencies or libc libs? Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.
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