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  1. Is "screens view" for users that have paid for the iphone app? And, does that allow you to see your computer screen and use the computer/software from the phone?...as in my 1st question a few minutes ago about the overall functionality of the app and what the free version allows you to do. Thanks, Erik
  2. Just to be clear, this app doesn't allow you to really do anything but view the system it's connected to, view logs, processes (and "kill process"), and "monitor" a few things? As well as turn off or "sleep" the computer? Is there anything that can be done through the app other that those few things? Like open a program and work within it? Also, it said there's a 30 day trial? Is that for the free version that I downloaded to iPhone? And, after that....what? It won't work anymore? Must it be purchased? What else does the app do from the phone? Thanks for your input & help. Erik
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