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  1. Agree with Paul, that Remote Desktop would be actually usefull only in Windows Dashboard application, and not on phone or tablet. Although on bigger and bigger tablets coming onto market today, I guess it's a feature to be missed very soon. For Windows Desktop app...well, I am using already proven Remote Desktop solution Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager, which is free (with limited, but still very useful features). What's nice about that is it also includes VNC, HTTP and other types of connections, so if PCM will choose that path, my suggestions would be to include: - Windows RDC client - VNC client - open in browser (HTTP and HTTPS)
  2. Paul, that's very good tip! As you guessed, it's about SBS servers. On "normal" topology I never allow Exchange to be installed on DC, but on SBS I don't have much choice. I've digged google a bit, but I cannot find where to change this timeout. Can you help?
  3. Hmmm.... for example, if an average ping during busy hours is between 1 and 2 ms, then I set threshold to 5 ms in 5 minutes period. And that setting triggers a notification few times a day. Might it be due to ping collection method? For example, PCM may collect ping response in few different ways: - might issue system PING command and only read response from system - might have own PING module and ping from PCM directly - also there is a posibility that PCM only sends 1 ping in time intervals, which should be corrected to at least 2 or 3 pings each time
  4. Excellent idea! I have service notification set to 3 minutes, but I'll change it to 10 and we.ll see. Thanx.
  5. As I have a plan to controll ALL servers I manage, there would be over 100 different answers so, it depends...Windows servers are rebooted more often to apply patches, Linux server once a year. I noticed the above mentioned symptom on Windows server, but I cannot confirm it happens on all installations. The particular ones I observe took 7-10 minutes to shut down (Exchange servers)
  6. Hi Paul, what you say is very true, so actually I reconsidered my request. But I do not have any good idea how to solve. What bothers me is a dozen of notifications on my android phone, most of them about PING and some about CPU, elevated. For example, I have 5 notifications about PING elevated for past 4 hours, but when I look at server there's nothing wrong. Even more - if I look at MRTG on that server, I cannot see any traffic congestions, no ping delays, which is weird. So I assume either PCM hicups and does not measure PING properly, or the issue was transient and poses no threat to server functionality. ...or at least but not last, I might be wrong and I have some hidden problems on server
  7. Hi, when you shut down or reboot the server, you receive quite a lot of notifications about services going down. Is it possible to somehow detect that shutdown/reboot has been issued and suppress all notifications for monitored services until next start?
  8. Hi, I have a lot of ping and cpu notifications, but I must read one by one to see, which one is still critical, and which is somehow resolved. So I suggest to have additional notification status, like "past" or something, which would be set for notification, where there is no alarm state anymore and the notification has not been read nor deleted. Server/PC status would not have red or yellow dot anymore for such statuses (meaning, at the moment I do not have to worry about server/PC) Thoughts?
  9. Hi, on Android PCM it would be quite nice if you would implement a click-on notofication (critical or elevated) and it would go to the monitored feature, which is related to this notification. For example, I get notofication that service named "Windows blah blah service" is stopped, then I go back, scroll down to services, find that service...huh, I must remember name of the service, right? So It would be nice to just click-on that notification and the particular service page would pop up. What do you say?
  10. Hi, excellent application, must say and we'll purchase it definitelly! One of the bugs I noticed is that PING sensor within application on Ubuntu 10.04 linux is much different from ping, issued via console. For example, PCmonitor reports ping alarm, because it it over 24 ms... ....but at the same time I was pinging the same target via console, getting latency times from 0,8 to 1,2 ms, not more. I assume PCmonitor ping uses some internal mechanism to ping, but it probably does some job at the same time, so it skips some replies. Or not. But the fact is, that (at least on Linux, tested on 2 different linux boxes) reported pings are not real.
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