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  1. Im not sure what you mean by autologin. The default user is always logged in as Plex Media Server is run as a program and not a service. What doesn't make sense is that the PC Monitor service is running, and I can perform any action except Suspend. Although everything works fine as of typing this, the problem will return.
  2. I have a Windows computer in my closet that serves up a Plex media server. For months I have been able to use PC monitor to wake and sleep the computer without incident. Within the last week, The iOS app will not sleep the computer. What is strange is the only think I have to do is remote desktop in to the computer. Then I can tap "Suspend" in the ios app and the computer sleeps. This doesn't make any sense. It's not like I have to restart the service. These are the exact steps. On the computer, the service is running and a user is logged in. 1. Use iOS app to wake computer. 2. Use Roku to watch movie on Plex. 3. Use iOS app to sleep computer which does not work. 4. Turn on my laptop, use Remote Desktop to login to computer. 5. Use iOS app to sleep computer which now works, and kicks me out of Remote Desktop. Steps 1 through 3 have worked fine for months. The problem is intermittent and I can find no pattern. Any ideas?
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