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  1. So oddly enough I woke up this morning and it was working...I haven't changed a thing. My server reboots every night at 2AM, so perhaps that's all it needed... Thanks for your time in responding.
  2. I can't for the life of me get the plugin to work. I've read over the forum posts and have tried everything I can think of, hopefully you're able to see whatever I've missed. So I'm getting the 'Problem detected in the parser, please check the XML file' error. I have the diagnostics running but that's all the trace.log file says too, no additional information. Here's exactly what I've done... I unzipped the package to a subdirectory of my PCM folder I named MYPLUGINS. I loaded the PSV2 dll as a plugin from the Latest Build folder which trace.log says successful. I copied the scripts folder from the script pack to the PCM folder, and the config.xml file to the PSV2 folder (where the dll is). I verified the xml path to be correctly pointing to the scripts folder, and even removed all but one subpage category as a test. I get the error no matter what. I'm running Win7 x64, and everything is up to date. Any help would be appreciated. Below is the contents of my config.xml file for reference: <?xml version="1.0"?> <!-- Example Xml --> <main> <group title="PoweroftheShell" enabled="True" maxResults="50"> <page title="PowerShell" pageId="1" subtitle="All the tools!" enabled="True"> <subpage title="Hardware" pageId="5" subtitle="Show Hardware Details" enabled="True" /> <subpage parent="5" title="BIOS" pageId="501" subtitle="Details from BIOS" enabled="True"> <command title="Run Script" commandId="501" path="C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\scripts\bios.ps1" arguments="" /> </subpage> <subpage parent="5" title="Computer" pageId="502" subtitle="Make, Model, Serial" enabled="True"> <command title="Run Script" commandId="502" path="C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\scripts\compinfo.ps1" arguments="" /> </subpage> <subpage parent="5" title="Video Card" pageId="503" subtitle="Video Card Details" enabled="True"> <command title="Run Script" commandId="503" path="C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\scripts\video.ps1" arguments="" /> </subpage> <subpage parent="5" title="CPU" pageId="504" subtitle="CPU Details" enabled="True"> <command title="Run Script" commandId="504" path="C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\scripts\cpu.ps1" arguments="" /> </subpage> <subpage parent="5" title="Network Card" pageId="505" subtitle="Network Card Details" enabled="True"> <command title="Run Script" commandId="505" path="C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\scripts\nic.ps1" arguments="" /> </subpage> <subpage parent="5" title="Memory" pageId="506" subtitle="Memory Details" enabled="True"> <command title="Run Script" commandId="506" path="C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\scripts\memory.ps1" arguments="" /> </subpage> <subpage parent="5" title="Dell Warranty Info" pageId="507" subtitle="Show expiry date etc" enabled="True"> <command title="Run Script" commandId="507" path="C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\scripts\dell_warranty.ps1" arguments="" /> </subpage> <subpage parent="5" title="Hard Disk Info" pageId="508" subtitle="Show Disk Info" enabled="True"> <command title="Run Script" commandId="508" path="C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\scripts\disk_info.ps1" arguments="" /> </subpage> </page> </group> </main>
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