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  1. I love the new Pulseway Backup feature. But I do not want it to show on the devices if they are not subscribed to it.

    I use the Antivirus as an Example.  If I am using AV on a device, the Antivirus menu item shows under the Software area.  If I do not subscribe to Antivirus on a device, it does not show on the menu under Software.  

    I think the Cloud Backup should act the same, if you do not subscribe then it does not show.

    As everyone is aware the images show, one device with AV and one without AV.



  2. Depends on how nice you are. lol

    I have set pricing various ways until i realized I was too nice.  I started by just offering it at my cost, then bumped it up a little to stay under current retail pricing.  Currently I am around retail.

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