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  1. Updated version is still 1.2, in other words, I should simply redownload 1.2, or the new version is not online yet ? FOr now, I don't have any more requests. When I get the new version, I'll test it and post my finding, with or without new requests/changes. Many thanks in advance so far...
  2. Hi Paul, According to Vembu, the latest API is API Version 2010­May­01... Pretty old to say the least... How's the plugin coming, any news on that front ?
  3. I know for 100% what you mean. I've dealt with their API myself and made a monitoring web service with it, and had to make alot of changes to the standard (non-API) php-files of the webserver in order to get done what I wanted, but since then we have expanded such that it would require a complete rewrite which we simply don't have the time for. Hence the look for other solutions and that's how I stumbled upon PCMonitor and your plugin :-) Which API version are you using ? In other words, are you using the latest ?
  4. Well, the plugin now gives three folders on the main page of PCMonitor, Reseller, Alarm and Event List... Perhaps enable a way in the plugin to configure this, like: I'm not so much interrested in the Alarm and eventlist, and would like to trade that space with the bottom mentioned feature. Second to that, it would be nice if the Folder displayed would show the total amount of used space, eg. Reseller would show total used space for the server, under there, total space for a customer, etc... Much like total space for a Harddisk is shown right under the item itself... No Idea if that's at all possible, but that would be very cool :-) These two combined (enable config of this in plugin) would even be cooler... Lastly, if, next to enableing to show reseller, alarm and/or eventlists, it would be even cooler for the first, reseller-list, I could specify a "path" to start from... Right now, I have to browse into it, like reseller\Default Reseller\Customers to get to the list that I would like to have on the main-page... All our customers get stored under the default reseller, so being able to start the listing from there would be nice... Combined with the multi-server stuff I would get a total list of items from all our customers, as they are divided over the different backup-servers... So, in a blink of an eye, I would then see all customers and their used space. And clicking on one of them would then browse deeper into it like it does now... I'm not so interrested in the event and alarmlists simply because the way Storegrid displays this information is cumbersome... Having the ability to get a notification from desired alarms/events on the other hand if very useful and would make these lists unnecessary in my humble opinion... Since I'm working for a company that does alot with Storegrid and monitoring such as PCMonitor (we're partners with Vembu and trying to with PCMonitor), my Boss would be interrested in donating some kind of compensation to you for extending the possibilities of this plugin for that matter. Not in any way as "kind of" a pressure to make it work this way or something like that, but just to show gratitude for anything in this kind of direction you can come up with/are able to make happen with the available API's for that matter. As our business grows and number of customers and servers increase, we are heavily trying to invest and search for ways to improve our services this way. Having our two main areas of service combined in one outstanding tool is certainly a huge pro compared to having seperate tools for the same jobs ofcourse, both in terms of management and operation...
  5. That would be mega-cool!!! Another question, unrelated though, v1.2 should allow you to get notifications of vembu-alarms ? If yes, how to configure, since I've tried boht unchecking all filter-options aswell as having them checked... I don't get any notifications however. Browsing alarms, events, resellers, etc. does work... Am I missing something in PCMonitor client itself perhaps ?
  6. Great work! Would it be possible to make a change though to be able to load the plugin more than once, once for every backup-server we have ? I succeeded doing so by changing the plugin dll-name but then the config seems to tie to the plugin name (or cinternal class?) meaning if I change the config in one plugin it also changes in the other plugin... Having one PCMonitor client handle all our backup-servers would be nice... For now, I'm forced to have one server per PCMonitor client, which is of course a bit cumbersome and confusing which client serves which backup-server...
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