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  1. Hello Paul, Is there a link ? Thanks Adam
  2. Marius, Thanks for the quick responce
  3. True, i have bought one. Another quick question though, can i monitor two vmware servers with the 10 computer licence ? Thanks Adam
  4. Thanks for the responce Paul. Good job i have an iphone and ipad then. Just need to wait for the update via the apps store Adam
  5. Hello, I have tried enabled this server module from a VM inside the vmware server and from a remote PC. Once enable the server module does not show up on https://my.pulseway.com/ Any ideas ? Thanks Adam Thresher
  6. Thanks for the reply, looks like im buying a subscription now
  7. Hey, Has anyone else having this problem, i looked at pc monitor on my Ipad today and could not find active directory or exchange server modules ? Has this now become an enterprise or subscriber only option ? Thanks for all responces Adam
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