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    gbrown481 got a reaction from FuzzyFuzzNuts in Reports   
    can a feature be added to schedule the reports that are available manually? 
    so say set up a schedule to email a disk space report every morning?
    if this is already a topic, or available id be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.
    thanks in advance.
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    gbrown481 reacted to shadow00caster in Automatically Clear Alerts   
    Is there a way to automatically clear alerts when the condition no longer exists on next poll.  For example is a service is not started then gets started, can the alert automatically clear from the device?
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    gbrown481 reacted to iimarco in Alarms should clear them selves   
    Would LOVE this feature !
    To be honest I'm looking at implementing this for my business and it is the only negative i can find for the product.
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    gbrown481 got a reaction from Paul in reporting   
    it would monitor the usage of a disk.
    so for instance, take a servers data drive. 
    it would show the dates of a month across the bottom, and the size in gb up.
    this would then give an indication of how quickly the space is being used up so that we can try and predict when the space will run out rather than wait for the monitor to send us a notification when its low.
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    gbrown481 got a reaction from Paul in Windows 2008 Backup Eventlog   
    Hi Thorsten,
    this has now been changed so that the new version incorporates the ability to set up event log notifications for the original location of the logs for windows server backup 2008+
    Event log > Applications and Services > Microsoft > Windows > Backup
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    gbrown481 got a reaction from Paul in Windows 2008 Backup Eventlog   
    Hi Thorsten, 
    i agree it would be good to see the windows backup from event viewer in pc monitor. but a way that we get around this at the moment is to change the location of the windows backup event logs so that they are logged in the application event log and set notifications up from there??
    does that help?
    thanks. gary.
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    gbrown481 reacted to studiouk in Broadband Speed Test   
    Hi marius,

    A great feature would be a broadband speed test.

    Example: client phones up saying broadband is slow, we would open pc monitor and ask the pc to run a speed test and display the download and upload speed / ping, same as speedtest.net

    We could then work out if there is any issue from the test.

    At the moment we have to jump on via remote control and run it.


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