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  1. does anyone know of a way to change the way android receives notifications? like for example a backup notification is of low priority and doesnt need to be shown on the phone, whereas the dhcp service on the server being off is a high priority and it would need to be sent to the phone. we get around 40/50 notifications a night just for low priority and would like to narrow this down to just the high priority ones
  2. okay that's good. is there a way to amend that job so that the notification includes some text from the file created??
  3. has anyone seen or does anyone know how to create a notification that can be triggered when a file is created in a certain directory??? like a backup creating a log file after the job is complete?
  4. we have a main account and an associated account. is there a way that when the associated account adds a new client as themselves it shows up in the master list of clients and not just there own??
  5. the pin code option for mobile devices is good, but is there a way that the PIN code can be forced onto certain clients?? so say i have an associated account that i want to have limited access to a group of clients (which i have done no problems) and i wanted the account to insert a PIN code in before they get to see the clients, is this possible or could it be? thanks gary
  6. currently testing out the ping notifications to check for replies. this is all good except i would like to be able to get a notification if the connection is down for less than a minute. current lowest value is 1 min. will there be any amendments to this? thanks gary
  7. yep the dashboard does it too, but still its each individual config at a time. its just time consuming. took me 2 hours this morning just to make sure all servers had the new version on and then apply the new tick box that was introduced in the latest version
  8. gbrown481


    it would monitor the usage of a disk. so for instance, take a servers data drive. it would show the dates of a month across the bottom, and the size in gb up. this would then give an indication of how quickly the space is being used up so that we can try and predict when the space will run out rather than wait for the monitor to send us a notification when its low.
  9. group policies in pc monitor only has a limited selection of options that we can do (event logs arent available to select in group policy) managing computers from a client pc still means that each one will need to be accessed individually.
  10. Hi Thorsten, this has now been changed so that the new version incorporates the ability to set up event log notifications for the original location of the logs for windows server backup 2008+ Event log > Applications and Services > Microsoft > Windows > Backup
  11. gbrown481


    hi there, do we know when/if there will be a reporting function to have some sort of graph the measure disk space usage for servers/groups? thanks gary
  12. can i request a feature that would be very useful? we have 50 servers that we are monitoring and want to enable a new feature from the latest release but as it stands at the moment i need to log onto each config to enable the feature. can there be some sort of master page to enable it on all servers (even if its just in a specific group) rather than doing each one individually? thanks gary
  13. i have. its just getting more and more of an issue with multiple events not sending so we're missing them and having to check manually which defeats having the software at all
  14. is this not in now?? but not checking event log, the monitor checks the service itself. so as soon as the service stops, the rule fires and starts a task, within that task can be a batch job that starts the service. i have tested this just now and works just fine, wouldnt have looked at this till i saw your post though so thanks!
  15. windows server backup does report in the event log for both success and failures you just need to set up pc monitor to send notifications for those event ids (4 for success and 546, 561 for failures). the only niggle i have with this is that it send the info on the details tab in event viewer rather than the general tab gary
  16. does anyone have a plug in to allow more than one notification to be sent for the same error id in event log? for example: If an event has occurred and a notification has been sent, then if the same event occurs, an event doesnt send. this is a tad annoying if we have two backup jobs that run on a server that report using the same event id, pc monitor only sends a notification for the first one. thanks. gary.
  17. i agree that if you allowed all events through that you would receive more than you think. but a notification with a tally of the days error numbers would be good. i also have an issue where if an event has occurred and a notification has been sent, if the same event occurs, an event isn't sent. this is a tad annoying.
  18. Hi Thorsten, i agree it would be good to see the windows backup from event viewer in pc monitor. but a way that we get around this at the moment is to change the location of the windows backup event logs so that they are logged in the application event log and set notifications up from there?? does that help? thanks. gary.
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